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There are a few key things that drive Scott and Brenda in both their professional and personal life,
resulting in a life most people only dream of. Their goal for themselves and team, is to challenge and inspire
others through teamwork and resourcefulness, while being good teachers and even better students. Always striving
to demonstrate simplicity, transparency and excellence in all that they do and say. If this interests you,
or sounds like an environment that would allow you to thrive in, simply fill out the contact form
below or click join us, to start living a life by design not default.

About Scott and Brenda

Brenda was first introduced to Young Living Essential Oils when a co-worker shared DiGize™ with her. At first she assumed that her co-worker was offering just another business scheme, but after experiencing results with DiGize™ firsthand, she changed her mind.

Scott was very skeptical of essential oils when Brenda first introduced them. He thought her experience with the oils was all in her head, but over time his own experiences with essential oils convinced him of the power contained in the little amber bottles.

Brenda began building a Young Living business in earnest in 2008, and in 2010 Scott retired to join forces with her. They realized that their combined business-building talents, thirst for continued personal development, care for others, and passion for Young Living could help change countless lives, both physically and financially.

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Featured In

Four Year Career

Top leaders from Young Living came together to create this powerful recruiting and educational tool, specifically for those in Young Living. This custom edition features success stories from actual Young Living Leaders.

Flip Flop CEO

The Flip Flop CEOs will take everything you have learned about the business of network marketing and flip it right side up. Gain a fresh perspective on this industry, and a brand new outlook on yourself.

Success From Home Magazine

Scott and Brenda have been featured in the 50th issue of Success From Home magazine—a newsstand publication focused on home-based business solutions.

Most Powerful Women in Network Marketing

Network Marketing Pro Event

A featured speaker at, The Most Powerful Women in Network Marketing, Brenda will share the stage with over 20 amazing individual women who will share tips, ideas and insights on being a more powerful leader.

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